Service Cloud

Make your idea for an app into a reality.

What does Service Cloud offer?

Service Cloud allows you to:

  • integrate your channels, devices and data
  • help your customers on the move
  • set up online forums and communities

The benefits of Service Cloud

Manage all your services in one place - respond faster to problems. Keep your customers happy by dealing with them quickly.

Enjoy a simple and effective interface - start using the new system straight away. Save time that is better spent dealing with customers.

Work from anywhere on any device - answer customer queries faster. Help your customers anywhere you have an internet connection.

Build vibrant communities - let your customers help each other. Use forums and mailing lists to share knowledge and ideas about the best ways to do things.

Get support from our Customer Service experts when you need it - reach us 24/7. Avoid downtime and get back to normal rapidly.

A good customer service system will help you put your customers at the heart of your business so you can earn their trust and grow your business.