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  • BPM and its place within Marketing: Meeting the Challenge

    Marketing departments are to coin a stereotype, traditionally the realm of free thinking creative types, thriving on caffeine and a certain amount of chaos. Business process improvements, on the other hand, emphasise structure, predictability and automation, ideal for the meticulous types in FDP’s or production, but anathema to the marketers. That, at any rate, is the conventional wisdom, but utilizing business process improvements to marketing departments can have liberating and highly beneficial results for your business.

  • Security and Reliability with Protobase

    A step towards secure business and sensitive cardholder information is one of the reasons of the launch of Probate in the UK.

    • For a true peace of mind in your transactions and sensitive information, ProtoBase supports SSL front-end encryption technology and ensures a completely secure transaction.
    • Tokenization is one of the key features of ProtoBase that helps in removing storage of cardholder data from the POS/PMS. This is done by replacing the actual account number with a Unique ID.
  • Payment Types Supported

    Protobase was launched in the UK because it supports a vast majority of payment types that targets a huge market.

  • Protobase and Payments

    Protobase has been identified as one of most reliable, secure and flexible forms of payment gateways that are available. Its launch in the UK has allowed the customers to carry out a myriad of tasks that involve transactions and payments in large volumes.

    Some of the benefits of its use by the customers in the UK include:

  • The launch of Protobase in the UK

    Protobase is a globally acclaimed gateway product that is originally developed by Southern DataComm. Some of the best-known features since its launch in the UK include: