Loanstation is a piece of software that helps you decide what decision to make when someone applies to you for a loan.

What does Loanstation offer?

Loanstation allows you to:

  • automatically assess credit ratings
  • generate comprehensive reports for each client and loan
  • handle all your applications online

The benefits of Loanstation

Say goodbye to paper forms - save time and effort on applications. Help your customers get their loans faster.

Integrate Loanstation into your CRM - manage all your client information in one place. Understand your customers’ profiles more deeply.

Become more flexible and make decisions faster - work more efficiently. Make changes quickly when you need to.

Reduce the risk of fraud - check credit reference agency, bank and government databases automatically. Increase your transparency and understanding of your business.

Loanstation will streamline your loans process and help you manage your risk more easily.