Business Efficiency Test (BET)

Is it time to reassess your Russian assets? Many investments were made some years ago when doing business in Russia was very in vogue. Now under different economic and political landscapes could this be the perfect time to rationally review that investment? The BET Russia Edition can both help to maximise performance for a continued presence or develop value as part of an exit strategy.

The Business Efficiency Test (BET) has been developed by Protobase Laboratories to monitor how effectively Russian-based businesses or subsidiaries are operating.

Protobase Laboratories is run by George Piskov, one of Russia’s leading financiers and businessmen. BET is a cost-effective and quick tool for identifying problems and bottlenecks, which allows the business owner to improve performance. It provides detailed analysis of a business and how it works and then delivers a bespoke solution.

Though BET will work in any territory or market, the Russia Edition has been specifically tailored to reflect the Russian market and its unique aspects – to make the resultant report pertinent, accurate, and extremely valuable.

This is the first time BET has been made available outside Russia. BET Russia Edition can take as little as two weeks from start to report delivery.

BET was developed by the expert business consultants at Protobase Laboratories (PBL), led by CEO George Piskov – which has 40 staff in Moscow and a network of experts around Russia.

About George Piskov

Now based in the UK, George Piskov was one of the founders of Unistream, the Russian money transfer network. He was Chairman of Uniastrum Bank and is the UK representative of the Association of Russian Banks. He is CEO of Protobase Laboratories Ltd. He holds a PhD in economics.

BET - The Process

  1. Company owners and management answer a series of detailed questions about the business in one-to-one interviews.
  2. PBL evaluates the current position by:
    • Measuring revenue
    • Analysing cost control
    • Assessing IT implementation
    • Identifying process bottlenecks
    • Determining the transparency of the business operations

BET - The Report

  • Recommendations on a new approach focused on customers
  • A better understanding of the business
  • More efficient processes and fewer redundant processes
  • Faster processes through automation
  • Minimisation of mistakes
  • More efficient employee training
  • Better business performance measurement
  • Total confidentiality